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November 3, 2011

Couldn't live without Twilight...

I love Twilight and I am an awesome fan!
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I am a bookworm (considering Twilght...)

Every inch of my bedroom is covered with Twilight posters,

and I have all four books too! I am a 'Team Jacob' but I like

Edward too! I saw Breaking Dawn, and I am sooo looking

forward to seeing part 2!!!!!!!!!!!! I would give anything to

meet the Twilight cast, especially Daniel Cudmore (Felix),

Michael Sheen (Aro), Taylor Lautner, and so on......



I don’t like some of the Cullens....Edit

  • Carlisle - (it's funny the way he's a vampire AND a doctor...!)

  • 'Esme' - (she does not look like a REAL vampire)

  • Emmet - (he is awesome, and very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!)'

  • 'Rosalie' - (nah! I don't like her because she is a meanie and she hates Bella...)

  • 'Jasper' - (wow! that guy is like...super FREAKY)

  • Alice - (stylish and cheery!!)'

  • Edward - (I LOVE the way he loves Bella...!)'

But the Volturi are my favourite!! Edit

  • Felix - I love him, he is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!
  • Demitri - Second best...
  • Aro - he's kind of old, but still amazing
  • Caius - I never thought a man would be georgeous with that kind of hair...!
  • Jane - she's OK, but I never voted for her.
  • Alec - whenever I look at him I feel like vomiting...

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